2014 Meeting Recap

Our 2014 meeting that took place February 3-7 in Pasco, Washington was a huge success and we owe a great deal of thanks to our four great collaborators at the meeting: The Washington Chapter of the Wildlife Society (WATWS), The Global Owl Project (GLOW), Northwest Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (NWPARC), and Researchers Implementing Conservation Action (RICA). You can download the program from this meeting and many past meetings from our annual meeting history page.

The meeting would not have been possible without our army of volunteers and especially our own meeting planning committee. Thank you all.

We are also proud to announce the recipients of our annual awards:
Oral Presentations
Winner: Stephan Selego, Oregon State University for his talk titled “Invasive, Native, and Aquaculture Red Swamp Crayfish Differ in Expression of Behavioral Types Across Temperature Gradients.”

Runner-up: Alexandra Froese, University of Winnepeg for her talk titled “Breeding and Foraging Ecology of Burrowing Owls in Southwestern Manitoba.”

Poster Presentions
Winner: Alexandra Anderson, Boise State University for her poster titled
“Assortative Mating as a Mechanism for Advancing Nesting Phenology in American Kestrels (Falco sparverius)”

Runner-up: Christina Baggett, Oregon State University for her poster titled “The Interactive Roles of Male Pheromones and Female Mating Receptivity on Scent Choice in Female Red-legged Salamanders”

The 2014 SNVB Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Dave Clayton, of USFS. Dave is a long time sustaining SNVB member, former Oregon V.P., meeting organizer, fauna and journal author, and all around good dude. The 2014 SNVB mentorship award was presented to Aimee McIntyre of WDFW. Aimee is a lifetime member, former WA–VP and an incredible mentor to the many technicians and biologists that have had the pleasure of working with her over the years.

Allison Nelson, a master’s candidate at San Francisco State University was awarded our 2014 student scholarship for her project titled “Unlocking the Mysteries of Migration and Infectious Disease in a Migratory Songbird.”

And let’s not forget all those individuals that brought the wonder and action of NW vertebrates to the photo contest. Our 2014 winners:
Biologist in Action: Danielle Munzing
Herp Profiles: Jared Hobbs
Furry Creatures: Chris Vernum
Hodgepodge: Danielle Munzing
Best in Flight: Jared Hobbs
Landscapes: Erim Gomez (see our January photo of the month on our homepage)
Social Interactions: Danielle Munzing

If any photographer is interested in having their winning image displayed in the Murrelettter, on the website, or on our Facebook page please contact us and we will proudly display it.

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