Northwest Fauna

Northwest Fauna is a special series of biological monographs published by the society and features manuscripts that are typically lengthier than normally can be accommodated in the journal, and the range of suitable topics is somewhat broader.

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Full List of Titles

Northwest Fauna 7:Western Pond Turtle: Biology, Sampling Techniques, Inventory and Monitoring, Conservation and Management edited by R. Bruce Bury, Hartwell H. Welsh, David J. Germano, Donald T. Ashton (2012). Out of Stock

Northwest Fauna 6:Conservation of the Siskiyou Mountain Salamander edited by Deanna H. Olson, David Clayton, Richard S. Nauman, and Hartwell H. Welsh, Jr (2009).

Northwest Fauns 5: Herptetology in Montana: a history, status summary, checklists, dichotomous keys, accounts for native, potentially native, and exotic species, and indexed bibliography by Bryce Maxell, Kirwin Werner, Paul Hendricks, and Dennis Flath (2003).

Northwest Fauna 4: Sampling Amphibians in Lentic Habitats: Methods and Approaches for the Pacific Northwest edited by Deanna Olson, William Leonard, and Bruce Bury (1997).


Out of Print

(we are working to make .pdf’s of these available for download on our current member content page):

Northwest Fauna 3: Reptiles of the State of Washington by Murray L. Johnson (1954) – First printing (1995)

Northwest Fauna 2: Mammals of Olympic National Park and Vicinity by Victor B. Scheffer (1948).

Northwest Fauna 1: Distributional check-list of the birds of the state of Washington by Edward Alexander Kitchin (1934).