Student Mentoring Workshop (Thursday 9 -10 am)

Participants at the student mentoring workshop will have the opportunity to ask questions, network, learn about future job markets and develop contacts with individuals working in a variety of areas including biology, research, natural resource management and related fields.

Additionally a short (15 min) open opportunity to ask professionals advice about résumé will be available to provide students an opportunity to receive feedback on their résumé, ask questions and seek advice from wildlife professionals from across different fields working in the private or public sector.  Because résumés will look different depending on the position you apply for (private company, state, county, federal, government contractor, etc.) this is an excellent opportunity to build your best resume. (However please note there is a federal hiring freeze at the moment!)

Please come with all your questions for the professionals!

Contacts Information:

Chelsea Waddell, USGS:

Erim Gomez, Washington State University: