Scholarship Application Guidelines

The application deadline for the next scholarship is January 15th, 2019.

Successful scholarship applications will include the following information:
1. Proposal Title
2. Applicant Name, Affiliation, and Contact Information (address, phone, e-mail)
3. Name, Affiliation and Contact Information of Faculty Advisor and Committee Members
4. Amount Requested, Budget and Brief Budget Justification (including additional sources of funding)
5. Project Objectives
6. Project Time Frame
7. Body of Proposal
8. Applicant Resume (Resume should highlight skills and experience that will permit reviewers to judge whether the applicant can conduct and complete the project)

The body of the proposal should include need and justification for the study, hypotheses, the study area, methods (including mode of analysis), significance of the proposed project and literature cited. Proposals should be double spaced using 12 point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins in Microsoft Word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) formats. The body of the proposal will not exceed three pages, excluding resume, literature cited, and accompanying tables and figures). Proposals not following the indicated guidelines will not be considered.

Proposals will be rated based on the following criteria:
1. Appropriateness of the project to the goals of SNVB,
2. Need and justification for the study,
3. Adequacy of proposed methods to the project objectives,
4. Originality and innovation of the proposed research,
5. Demonstrated ability of student to execute the proposed project,
6. Demonstration that the project can be completed within the given timeframe, and Financial need.

To submit an application:
Application materials shall be sent electronically to the Scholarship Committee Chair ( and will be due a few weeks before each annual meeting (specific date will be posted here). Please use the following format in the subject line: SNVB Scholarship, Last Name (e.g. SNVB Scholarship, Chestnut).

Thanks for your interest in SNVB and best wishes in your academic and professional pursuits!