Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement: SNVB promotes continued improvement of the understanding of natural history and ecology of vertebrates in northwestern North America.
SNVB upholds this mission by: providing a venue or forum for topical issues at conferences and through publications, and promoting educational opportunities and supporting the development of student research.

Vision Statement: As the pre-eminent society of vertebrate biologists in northwestern North America, SNVB will: inform an active and engaged membership, improve access to and disseminate the most current and credible scientific information, and promote the expansion of our membership to include a large and diverse group of individuals representative of our community at-large.
SNVB advances this vision by: establishing and enhancing networks of communication among biologists with common interests to foster science advances and collaborations across northwestern North America.

Values Statement: SNVB members value the rigor of the scientific method, sharing information openly, and the passion and fun in learning about our natural world.