2015 Student Scholarhip Opportunities

2015 Meeting – Student Registration Scholarship Opportunities (3 Sigma Institute)

The 3 Sigma Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting an understanding of science in everyday life, is offering up to six early registration waivers ($50 value) to SNVB student members…..Learn More

SNVB Annual Student Scholarship

Each year The Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology (SNVB) provides one scholarship of up to $1000 to an undergraduate or graduate student conducting vertebrate research within the geographic scope of the society: northwestern North America west of the Great Plains and north of the Mojave Desert.

Scholarships are intended to support expenses associated with the proposed research project including but not limited to travel, equipment, and supplies. Tuition and stipends for student living expenses may be considered, however proposals requesting salary support will not. Students must be enrolled in an accredited institution, degree seeking, and be a member of SNVB…..Continue to SNVB Scholarship Page