2015 Meeting – Student Volunteer Opportunities

2015 Meeting – Student Volunteer Opportunities

It’s a lot of work make SNVB annual meetings flow seamlessly and getting help from you is what makes this event work! Please consider volunteering to work part of the meeting.

The benefits of volunteering include:
• Registration refund (if time obligation is met)
• Direct interactions with society members and meeting organizers
• Behind-the-scene knowledge of what it takes to run an annual meeting
• Volunteer experience that looks good on a resume (CV)

Identify what jobs you would like to volunteer for and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. Sign up by submitting the contact form below. We will confirm that we received your request and will contact you two weeks prior to the meeting to finalize volunteer schedules and duties. To receive a full registration refund, we require volunteering for at least two of the listed duties.

Volunteer duties:
• A/V specialist for contributed talk sessions (4-hr block)
• Registration desk (2-hr block)
• Merchandise booth (2-hr block)

To sign up as a volunteer, submit the form below. And thank you for being a part of what makes SNVB so amazing!

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