2015 Meeting – Jeremy Monroe

MonroePortrait_600Jeremy Monroe
Director, Freshwaters Illustrated

I came to educational filmmaking, photography, and writing from a background in aquatic ecology, and through a motivation to share the vibrant aquatic worlds that have always inspired me. Through the nonprofit organization, Freshwaters Illustrated, I work to produce images and stories about freshwater ecosystems, which are among the most diverse and threatened on earth. My work is a blend of visual art, science communication, and storytelling, and thankfully, very collaborative.

By sharing the nature and wonder of aquatic ecosystems, along with the people who work to understand and preserve them, I try to demonstrate and celebrate a richer and more holistic connection we all have to water. It is that deeper connection that I hope can inspire more sympathy for aquatic life, and that might contribute to a more inclusive movement to conserve freshwater ecosystems.

www.freshwatersillustrated.org | www.facebook/com/wemayfly