The Murreletter, Vol 22, No 1: 2013 Abstrasts for the annual meeting due soon, In memory of Robert C. Stebbins, A day in the field with Char Corkran

Member's Corner

Reflections from the Field
Long time SNVB member Char Corkran shares a day in the field filled with curiosity, compassion, and most of all a Dicamptodon rescue mission to be remembered!
Please click here to view her full story soon   (we are expereincing technical difficulties with our server)
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This is your one month Warning!!!
Abstracts are due November 15th for the 2014 Joint Meeting in conjunction with the Washington Chapter of the Wildlife Society (WATWS), The 4th International Burrowing Owl Conference (BUOWC), Researchers Implementing Conservation Action (RICA) and Northwest Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (NWPARC) for more information visit:
To register for the meeting go to:

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In the last edition of the Murreletter we mistakenly attributed the winner of the best student paper to Lindsey Thurman.  The 2013 best student papers were in fact jointly awarded to Katie Moriarty and  Jennifer Rowe.  If you have any additional corrections or comments please send them to

Volunteers needed for the upcoming 2014 Joint Meeting

Volunteers are needed to assist with various aspects of planning, arranging, and conducting the
Joint Meeting in February 2014. Please consider alerting us that you are willing and
available to help. Volunteers are especially needed for the following Committees and work groups:
  • Registration (on-site)
  • Sponsorships/Fundraising
  • Field Trips
  • Student Opportunities
  • Social/Reception,
  • Entertainment
  • Photo Contest
  • Poster Session
  • Silent Auction/Raffle
  • Volunteer or, Coordination
Also, we are looking for individuals who will consider being Session Moderators during technical sessions at the meeting. If you are willing to assist with any of these needs, please send your name, e-mail, phone contact info, and your interest category(ies) to Mike Passmore, Steering Team Chair, at Your willingness to help is appreciated and is an integral part of making this an exceptional partnership effort. 

Please let us know if you are willing to consider providing some improvisational entertainment during the 2014 Joint Meeting in Pasco, WA. Meeting planners are considering incorporating time during the meeting for some registrants to demonstrate entertainment talents for all participants. Song, dance, music, comedy, tall tales, and more are among the prospects to be considered. This will not be a talent show or competition, there won’t be prizes, and it isn’t paid entertainment. We are looking for just plain fun from among our ranks. If you have a talent to offer for consideration, please e-mail name, contact info, and a brief description of the talent/ability you are suggesting to 
As many of you are likely aware, a great naturalist, artist, and educator has passed on.  Robert C. Stebbins passed away on September 23rd, 2013 at the age of 98.  Likely known to most of us as author of his invaluable book, A Field Guide to Western Reptiles and Amphibians, Stebbins was also an active teacher to students and lovers of nature from elementary students to universities. If you have a moment to reflect and pay tribute to Stebbins by opening your copy of the field guide and returning to its 514 pages I would encourage you to do so. My pages are stained with soil and coffee, covered with illegible scribbles in the margins, and memories of the species and places that Stebbins guided me to. You and the generations to come will continue enjoying and learning about the world around us through this incredible individual. For more information about Robert Stebbins please follow this link:

News and Events

The Center for Biological Diversity announces its 10 Most Vulnerable, Least Protected  Amphibians and Reptiles in the United States that includes some NW species:

Legistation in the Senate may change harvest rules for NW forest lands. Find out more about H.R. 1526 here:

New proposed critical habitat for the Canadian Lynx (Lynx canadensis): and Oregon Spotted frog (Rana pretiosa):

The Wildlife Society's 20th Annual Conference kicked off last week:  Let us know if you went and what you thought.

Have any news or upcoming events you would like to see in the Murreletter, just let us know!
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